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Australian small businesses are the engine room of our economy. Budget 2015-16

Small Business
Lawyers Melbourne

It takes more than a good idea and hard work to make a business successful. In order to achieve and maintain success, you need to ensure that you are taking advantage of business and commercial laws and understanding how they can also protect you.


Trusted Business Lawyers in Melbourne

From our business law experience, we believe the best approach is always prevention first. Too many business owners can be either ignorant of their legal obligations or are misinformed. 


As a trusted partner to many local businesses we help them navigate the complexities doing business under Australian business law and reduce their risk by offering them expert and timely legal business advice.

Commercial & Business Legal Services

Codex Lawyers provides a number of legal services for small business that offer both business confidence and peace of mind. Our legal services are affordable and you're never just a number as we tailor our advice to each client's situation. 

  • Business Asset Protection - is your business safeguarded against public liability and litigation?

  • Business Structuring - done right from the outset, allows for legal tax minimisation & asset protection

  • Business Tax Minimisation - lawful ways to reduce and distribute your hard-earned revenue

  • Information & Privacy Protection - do you know your rights and obligations regarding your customers' details?

  • Business & Compliance - business/market terms & conditions, service agreements, website terms, etc

Need some help getting your business compliant and risk adverse? 



Whether you're a large commercial organisation, a small business or even a startup, our team of Melbourne lawyers are able to provide you the expert advice and solution you need to keep your business moving forward.


We are focused on risk management and prevention that will save you hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars and also a pretty large headache. In today's climate of litigation, can you afford not to have a trusted business lawyer?

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